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Why Are Collectables Cool?

Way back when, collectables didn’t exist. Yes, there were toys that we now class as being collectable, or there were Airfix model kits – but not actual collectables.

It might be fair to say that Star Wars has played a large part in the popularity and increase in collectables. The generation that grew up watching Star Wars when it was released, wanted more from the original series of films. Toys are one thing, but not completely accepted by society as a whole for adults to own & display on a shelf.

Over the last twenty years or so, we have seen sci-fi and fantasy genres become much more mainstream. Because the worlds that they create are full of so much detail and yet have no place in our real world, it is easy to become obsessed by them.

Collectables are successful where they bring something that was previously only ever imagined or shown on screen. They allow you to own that vision and display it within your own home.

In order for a collectable to be popular or desirable, the more detail it has and the more believable it is, the better.

While many people become fascinated with film prop recreations, particularly sci-fi weaponry, others become obsessed with characters or costumes.

While many of us would like to own a full size stormtrooper outift, not many of us have that kind of money spare, or the amount of space that it needs to be displayed in. The same goes for many other film series and genres. In modern society, many of us live in small homes & have fairly limited funds.

The more popular modern collectables tend to be resin casts. This works particularly well for characters – often available as full sets from a series, book or film. Because they are cast using a mold, they are highly repeatable and can portray unbelievable levels of detail.

Some sets of characters have become incredibly popular, with them being released in limited quantities, they often sell out before they are even released.

While to the outsider, this may appear to be an odd phenomenon, the world of the collector is an obsessive one. I need or must have become replacement phrases for that would be nice to own. In short, it can become an expensive hobby with single models often costing well over £150.

Fantasy novels and comic books have also released highly sought after collectables. This creates a must have feeling for both the printed materials and the collectables…this is a world that you have to be in the ‘know’ to have any grasp of in the first place. This is not something you see or find on the high street, and for most, it’ll be hard to find on the internet.

While highly detailed models of made up characters are fun – they are also cool. They can make any office or mantelpiece a focus point, and to the passer by, they must be picked up and studied.

Collectables are cool – there’s no two ways about it.